Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Send Word to My Brother John

The Detroit Free Press, January 21, 1899
"Who am I?" is the eternal question. "I don't know." answers its echo. And so was the case of Michael Keveny. Except that he knew exactly who he was but his echo died with his name.

After a life of wandering the United States Michael Keveny finally made his way back to his roots in Michigan to die. He somehow meandered into Wayne via Point St. Ignace, sickly and lost. A concerned citizen led him to the County House where he lay near death uttering a few dying words. His last being, "Send word to my brother John."

After some investigative work they tracked down John Keveny who attempted to identify his erstwhile brother but could not. A missing mole, an unfamiliar beard and the look of a Frenchman gave John the impetus to conclude that it was not his brother.

Other family members weren't so sure either but one from Birmingham believed that it was. The Poor Commission didn't know one way or the other. And now...

The Detroit Free Press, January 22, 1899
we don't really know either. Though John Kolb, the poor inspector, who grew up with the family and was close to them said that all indications pointed to it being Michael Keveny. Since I've yet to find a follow-up story, a death certificate or any other information I can only guess that it's him as well.

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