Saturday, November 14, 2015

Young John Couldn't Kolp With His Illness

The Detroit Free Press, August 30, 1903
John Kolp (spelled wrong in the article again) had a faulty chest pump but no lack of heart. He also had a streak of defiance that put his very life at stake. After being sent to reform school by his mother and stepfather at ten he lived on a farm in Royal Oak for several years. Upon entry into manhood he was left without a home or occupation due to a heart condition. It was then he applied for entry into the Poorhouse.

Meanwhile, through the advertisement of his plight in the newspaper or some other family reunion, Kolb took residence at his grandparents' home at 162 St. Joseph Street (they apparently moved two days later in Free Press reality).

The Detroit Free Press, October 3, 1903
Thus began the drama. He started running away from home every few days, occasionally helping himself to a few hard-earned dollars of the August Kleins. I'm sure that the newspaper attention didn't help the matter

The Detroit Free Press, October 5, 1903
Needless to say, he went to Eloise.

The Detroit Free Press, October 6, 1903
As for his life afterwards: could this possibly be him?

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