Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another Horror Story from Eloise & the William Ganong Cemetery

Isabella County Enterprise, June 28, 1901
Nobody will ever convince me that humanity is a worthy cause. There is a sickness inherent in the species that will never be cured except through eradication. While most species handle the matter by ostracizing the rogue elements, pushing them to the periphery to unceremoniously die, humanity cages and experiments on them like a meddling mother-in-law.

Mrs. Meggsion probably enjoyed meddling in her son's marital matters (the 1900 census shows that "Rollon Spear" was 35 and married) as most mothers do but it was hardly cause for the savage assault she endured. Who knows, maybe it was. The fact that he wasn't satisfied with simply gashing her face open but pricked her body repeatedly with a jack-knife shows extreme animosity.

A search shows that Rolla Spear and his mother Helen Meggison resided with in-laws at the time of the incident. Which, I suppose, by reasonable deduction would make Carrie Laut the sister and daughter to the parties involved.

Mrs. Meggison, a widow, was taken to Eloise where she died and her body removed to William Ganong Cemetery.

Detroit Free Press, June 25, 1901

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