Saturday, April 9, 2016

Alex Braun: Baker, Eloise Patient

I found Mr. Braun quite on accident as is usually the methodology for this blog. I was Google searching for the exact date that the recently destroyed bakery at Eloise closed. To no avail.

The ever-smug and often WRONG respondents on the Friends of Eloise Facebook insisted that it was 1960--which it very may well be--despite the fact that I have a press photograph showing three bakers, William M. Mitchell, Leo J. Tykoski and Grady Hammond at the facility dated from 1966:

The FOE claim that the dates must surely be wrong. Four stamped and written Detroit News staff members dates clearly aren't faulty. Which is why I don't deal with groups of old ladies who join committees to run them roughshod with their haughtiness. I want facts and could care less who provides them.

It may have well been a retro piece on Eloise or perhaps the bakery was still open in some capacity in 1966. I don't know. But the photograph exists and thus sheds doubt on the so-called definitive closing date of 1960.

Back to Alex Braun. He apparently went insane the last year of his relatively short life of 41 years and died from complications of apoplexy and "General Paralysis of Insane". Whatever the hell that means. Regardless of what it connotes he died exactly 83 years ago today. Another synchronicity for the annals.

Here's the Michigan Supreme Court case involving Braun's former wife filing for expenses to be paid to his estate and son against his widow, Ida Braun:

The legalese is a bit mind-numbing but the synopsis paints a brief autobiographical picture of Mr. Braun that somebody might be searching for.

And here's his Find-A-Grave memorial:

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