Monday, June 20, 2016

A Stoplight for Eloise

The Chelsea Standard, August 27, 1938
Is there a traffic light in front of the Kay Beard Building? I think there is. Has that always been the main entrance? That I don't know but it's doubtful that it was. However, it might have been in 1938. No matter. Somebody else can answer these questions. What I know from this article is that a traffic signal was put at the main entrance in August of 1938 to help the Eloise farm equipment and wagons more easily traverse Michigan Avenue.

The confounding part of the story is that there were traffic-actuated lights in 1938. If the term means what it does today, and it apparently does, then why are they presenting the technology these days as if it was something new? Which is not a relevant question to this blog but it was kind of shocking to me that it has existed that long.

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