Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Escaping Eloise Patient Injured

Detroit Free Press, May 2, 1932
The only thing that hit a car windshield more than an unfortunate bug was an escaped Eloise patient. Leo Treponier kept up the grand tradition of escape and injurious result with his break of the institution in April of 1932.

Along with John Kostek, Edward Raczkowski and John Saunders the young men escaped by cutting their way out of the ward with table knives and stole a car thereafter from Kenneth Nelson of 2826 W. Seven Mile Road. The fools then got into a car accident, hitting Nettie Milledge of 2293 Sherman Avenue, and after some time in the hospital for Treponier, he and the trio of charges all likely went for a stint in juvenile and/or DeHoCo.

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